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Deep Impact
Deep Impact
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If you are familiar with the Deep Impact mission, use the table below for quick reference to our mission specifications. If you haven't had a chance to read an overview for Deep Impact, take a look at our Fact Sheet.

Deep Impact Quick Facts
Mission/Instrument/Task Name: Deep Impact
Objectives: To study the pristine interior of a comet by excavating a crater more than 25 m deep and 100 m in diameter.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael A'Hearn, University of Maryland
Project Manager: Rick Grammier, JPL
Major Contractors/Contribution: JPL - project management, ground systems
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. - all flight hardware
Start Date: 11/01/1999
Launch Date: 01/12/2005
Launch Vehicle: Delta II
Launch Site: Eastern test range
(Kennedy Space Center, Florida)
Mission Events: Encounter date: 05:44:36 UTC 4 July 2005 (Earth-received time 05:52:02)
Impactor separation at 24 hrs prior to impact
Approach solar phase angle: 63°
Impactor approach velocity: 10.3 km/s
Flyby S/C closest approach: 500 km
End of Mission: Data return until 08/2005 (28 days)
End of Project Date: 03/2006 (includes 9 months of data analysis)
Launch Mass: 1020 kg
Prime antenna diameter: 1 meter (parabolic)
Communications bandwidths: x-band for flyby spacecraft (uplink command and downlink telemetry)
s-band for impactor communication to/from the flyby spacecraft
Max Data Rate: 175 kbps
Max solar array power: 620 W at encounter
Contact for more info: Contact Us
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