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Deep Impact
Deep Impact
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Articles written about Deep Impact appear below as links to full articles where permitted or references to use for further research.

Date Source Title
08-Nov-2005 University of Maryland Maryland-Led Deep Impact Wins Major Space Award
08-Sep-2005 Diamondback Online Waiting to See Impact's Depth
16-Jul-2005 Pasadena Star-News Deep Impact Work Begins
08-Jul-2005 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Deep Impact Was a Dust-up, Not a Gusher
07-Jul-2005 Diamondback Online Earth's Cosmic Revenge
07-Jul-2005 Swedish Space Corporation Odin's First Post-hit Water Measurements of Tempel 1
05-Jul-2005 Gemini Observatory Deep Impact Captured by Gemini
05-Jul-2005 Baltimore Sun Comet collision is a hit for NASA
Author: John Woestendiek
05-Jul-2005 Le Sous la violence du choc, l'activité de Tempel 1 s'est réveillée
05-Jul-2005 Geotimes Deep Impact Strikes Back
04-Jul-2005 CNN Deep Impact: Probe Hits Comet
04-Jul-2005 MSNBC Space Probe Crashes into Comet
04-Jul-2005 Associated Press Mission Accomplished: Probe Hits Comet
02-Jul-2005 Associated Press NASA readies space probe to blast comet
July 2005 Geotimes Collision Course: Deep Impact
July 2005 Geotimes Making a Public Impact
30-Jun-2005 Diamondback Online Researchers Anticipating Deep Impact
27-Jun-2005 Honolulu Advertiser Island Eyes on Heavens for Deep Impact
Spring 2005 TERP (University of Maryland) A Smashing Good Time: Deep Impact Closes in on Comet Collision
16-Jun-2005 Space Camera Flaw Traced to Earthly Mirror
12-Jun-2005 Honolulu Star-Bulletin Cosmic Collision to Give Hawaii Prime-Time Show
11-Jun-2005 Maui News Celestial Fireworks on Target for the Isles
11-Jun-2005 Honolulu Advertiser Observatories Brace for Deep Impact
05-Jun-2005 Bismarck Tribune Stargazers Drafted for Mission
21-May-2005 Casper Star-Tribune Engineer brings comets to classroom
29-Apr-2005 Diamondback Online Deep Impact Targets Its Comet
02-Apr-2005 Cleveland Plain Dealer NASA Rocket on Way to Blast a Comet
Author: Diane Suchetka
27-Feb-2005 The Maui News 'Deep Impact' on Hawaii and the Universe
26-Jan-2005 Diamondback Online Countdown to collision
14-Jan-2005 Financial Times (London) Nasa aims rocket to crash into comet
13-Jan-2005 Diamondback Online Barreling toward new discoveries
13-Jan-2005 Spaceflight Now Deep Impact emerges from protective safe mode
13-Jan-2005 Linux Insider Despite Glitch, NASA's Comet Probe Mission Proceeds
13-Jan-2005 Washington Times In the Stars: Dust for life
13-Jan-2005 Associated Press NASA's Deep Impact Out of 'Safe Mode'
13-Jan-2005 ABC News NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft Blasts Off
13-Jan-2005 Sun-Sentinel Deep Impact probe begins mission to comet
13-Jan-2005 The Ithaca Journal NASA launches 'Deep Impact' comet probe
13-Jan-2005 People's Daily Online (China) NASA launches Deep Impact spacecraft on comet probe
12-Jan-2005 Bloomberg NASA Launches Deep Impact Spacecraft to Blow a Hole in Comet
12-Jan-2005 Business Information Deep Impact is ready for take-off
12-Jan-2005 WIS-TV NASA to launch comet-hunting craft on Weds.
12-Jan-2005 Russian Information Agency Novosti CD with People's Names Will Be Sent to Tempel-1 Comet on Wednesday
12-Jan-2005 Yorkshire Post Today Missions on course for cosmic close encounters
12-Jan-2005 New York Newsday NASA to Launch Comet-Busting Spacecraft
12-Jan-2005 Spaceflight Now Deep Impact Mission Status
11-Jan-2005 Newsday Inc. Deep Impact
11-Jan-2005 The Diamondback Countdown to Deep Impact
11-Jan-2005 To Strike a Comet: Astronomers Eager for Deep Impact's Cosmic Collision
10-Jan-2005 Washington Post Deep Impact Probe to Try to Puncture a Comet
Author: Guy Gugliotta
07-Jan-2005 Deep Impact Mission On Target
06-Jan-2005 The Christian Science Monitor To read the past, NASA smacks a comet
05-Jan-2005 Kansas City Star Spaceships going where none have gone before, while rovers keep on trucking
05-Jan-2005 National Geographic News Comet Facts: From Black Death to Deep Impact
05-Jan-2005 Pittsburgh-Post Gazette Scientists Plan Probe's Collision with Comet
Authors: Dan Malerbo, Henry Buhl Jr.
03-Jan-2005 Overclockers' Club NASA To Smash "Deep Impact" into a Comet
03-Jan-2005 NASA's Deep Impact to probe comet Tempel 1
03-Jan-2005 The Times (London) NASA probe sets course to smash into comet
Author: Mark Henderson
02-Jan-2005 Associated Press A final frontier: NASA's comet buster in for a blast
01-Jan-2005 NASA can't wait to smash spacecraft
31-Dec-2004 The Guardian (London) Celestial drive-by Spacecraft setting off to shoot comet with 370kg bullet
29-Dec-2004 StarDate Online Deep Impact
15-Dec-2004 Rocky Mountain News NASA Set to Launch First Comet Impact Probe
15-Dec-2004 All American Patriots NASA Set to Launch First Comet Impact Probe
15-Dec-2004 The Register NASA throws Deep Impact spacecraft at comet
15-Dec-2004 Florida Today Launch Window Shrinks for Deep Impact Mission
15-Dec-2004 Spaceflight Now Rocket Trouble Stalls Launch Of Deep Impact Mission
15-Dec-2004 Astronomers Ready For Comet Smashing Mission
Author: Tariq Malik
15-Dec-2004 BBC News Comet Mission Set For 2005 Launch
14-Dec-2004 CNET NASA to fire projectile into comet
26-Nov-2004 Baltimore Sun The Earth Strikes Back
Author: Frank Roylance
November 2004 Aerospace America Surviving a Comet: Shielding the Deep Impact spacecraft (PDF Document)
21-Oct-2004 Reuters Deep Impact Space Probe Aims to Slam Into Comet
18-Oct-2004 Universe Today Deep Impact Arrives in Florida
08-Oct-2004 Comet Crashing Mission Prepped For Launch
08-Sep-2004 Diamondback Online Cosmic curiousity: Michael A'Hearn, principal investigator for the Deep Impact mission
Spring 2004 CMPS Continuum CMPS Scientists Lead First Mission to Explore the Interior of a Comet
25-Nov-2003 Deep Impact: Probing A Comet's Inner Secrets
11-Aug-2003 (Denver) Ball Designs Spacecraft to Collide with Comet in Deep Space
22-May-2003 Tech Central Station Deeper Impact
03-Apr-2002 Discovery Channel Studying a Comet Close Up
13-Dec-2002 Diamondback Online Should a comet fear the turtle?
04-Sep-2002 Contours of the Abyss
18-Aug-2002 The Gazette (Colorado Springs) NASA sets sights on intercepting comet
24-Jun-2002 Close Calls in Space (Real Audio)
13-Jun-2002 Contour Mission to Explore Icy Cores of Comets
07-May-2002 Diamondback Online Stopping a Comet in its Tracks
29-Nov-2001 Comet Borrelly Puzzle: Darkest Object in the Solar System
07-Nov-2001 Get Your Leonid Meteor Shower Photos Published!
24-Sep-2001 Fly-By Images Will Remake Comet Science, Help 'Deep Impact' Mission
29-Jul-2001 Sonntags Zeitung (Switzerland) Feuer frei auf Temple One
03-Jul-2001 The Daily Record 3, 2, 1 ... Deep Impact
16-Jun-2001 Clarí Dispararán un proyectil contra un cometa para estudiar su núcleo
14-Jun-2001 Diamondback Online (UMD) Deep Impact
31-May-2001 USA Today NASA Approves Mission to Blast Comet
26-May-2001 Florida Today NASA's Comet Mission May Have Smashing Revelations
25-May-2001 Deep Impact: A $279 Million Pot Shot Aimed at Blasting a Hole in the Surface of a Comet Gets the Go-Ahead
25-May-2001 Florida Today Hurling Spacecraft to Take a Piece out of Comet in 2005
24-May-2001 Deep Impact Approved: Humanity's Turn to Slam into a Comet

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