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Deep Impact
Deep Impact
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Deep Impact Mission Science Technology Mission Results Gallery Education Discovery Zone Your Community Press Education - Exploring Comets

Exploring Comets and Modeling for Mission Success

This activity is available in PDF and Web formats. You may choose to view the entire activity, or choose individual sections from the list below.

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Download Full Activity (PDF Format, 894 KB)

  National Science Education
      Standards Alignment
Web PDF (1.80 MB)
I. Overview and Goals Web PDF (817 KB)
II. Activity Overview for Educators Web PDF (862 KB)
III. Consider This!! Web PDF (951 KB)
IV. A Comet's Place in the
      Solar System
Web PDF (675 KB)
V. Reflections on Comets, Missions,
      and Modeling
Web PDF (944 KB)
VI. Make a Comet and Eat It! -
      Educator Page
Web PDF (156 KB)
VII. Make a Comet and Eat It! -
      Activity Page
Web PDF (599 KB)
VIII. Make a Comet and Eat It! -
      Student Research Data Sheet
Web PDF (604 KB)
IX. The Chemistry and Thermodynamics
      of Ice Cream
Web PDF (2.31 MB)
X. Ten Important Comet Facts Web PDF (541 KB)
XI. C-O-M-E-T-S Acrostic Web PDF (930 KB)
XII. Comet on a Stick -
      Educator Page
Web PDF (155 KB)
XIII. Comet on a Stick -
      Deep Impact Comet Modeling
Web PDF (1.01 MB)
XIV. Comet on a Stick -
      Activity Page
Web PDF (154 KB)
XV. Comet on a Stick -
      Paper Comet Model
Web PDF (146 KB)
XVI. Comet Models Based on the
      Deep Impact Mission
Web PDF (886 KB)
XVII. Deep Impact -
      Interesting Mission Facts
Web PDF (140 KB)
XVIII. Deep Impact Questions Web PDF (136 KB)
XIX. Small Bodies Missions Web PDF (46.5 KB)

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